Bean Boys Coffee uses blends of only the best top grade Arabica coffees
from around the world. All of our flavored coffee are flavored with natural
extracts only. No artificial flavors or chemicals are added. All of our coffees
are available in Decaf also. We use the Swiss Water Process only. No
chemical processes are used. All beans are fresh roasted and fresh ground
for the best cup available.
   Gourmet Blends  
BREAKFAST - The perfect morning coffee. High grade Mexican, Peruvian, Guatemala and Sumatra. Roasted medium.
BEAN BOY BLEND - Same beans as above but dark roasted for a rich full-bodied flavor.
KONA BLEND - America's finest coffee. A full 25% blended with Colombian Supremo.
  A rich city roast.
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Minimum Order $25.00
Regionals And Roasts
COLOMBIAN SUPREMO - The finest this country has to offer. Medium
  roasted, richly flavored, full aroma.
ESPRESSO - Our strongest roast with a definite edge. An Italian delight.
  Also available Double Chocolate Espresso.
FRENCH ROAST - A flavorful blend between Espresso and Bean Boy Blend
A very rich full bodied coffee.
ITALIAN ROAST - A strong coffee with a definite edge.
SUMATRA MANDHELING - This coffee is characterized by it's rich aroma and mild flavor.
An excellent light coffee very low in acid.
VIENNESE - 75% Costa Rica, Sumatra and Colombian Supremo blended with 25%
French Roast. A rich strong coffee with no bitter edge.
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When in the desert, please visit us at C.O.D.
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